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The latest IT news from professionals in the field.
Excite is a magazine by Excellence in ICT Research devoted to promoting excellence in the Estonian ICT field. Many experts in their fields discussed a range of topics, including the latest important developments as well as ambitious plans for the future.

The magazine covered the latest developments in information technology applications in fields such as ICT, healthcare, security, robotics and software. Excite, the magazine's publisher and a local Centre of Excellence in ICT Research, was brought to light as well.

View the full-length publications here in English and here in Estonian.
An overview of ICT
Excite magazine provided content on a wide range of technology related topics. Among the topics covered were ICT in healthcare, security, robotics and software.
Content curated by experts
The magazine was structured to focus on the expertise of those most competent. Specialists and authorities in ICT shared their knowledge regarding the present and future of the industry.
ICT news
Excite magazine also covered the latest cutting-edge developments and opportunities in ICT.
English translation
The Excite magazine was also translated into English in order to reach a larger audience.
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