An essential customer magazine that has found its place in the hearts of Coop customers.
Each issue focuses on a different region of Estonia. A local figure is featured on the cover of the magazine that focuses on the culture of the region and how to best experience it. With four issues per year, there is something in this magazine for every member of the family.

The content of the magazine, which is almost a hundred pages long, is indeed varied. Among the sections included are health, beauty, Coop's own news, local life, home decor, travel, pets and many others.

Coop strives to provide its readers with the best customer magazine. To achieve this, readers' feedback is also collected following each publication. The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we plan to keep it that way.
Content for the whole family
Hetk magazine offers an engaging read for everyone. Whether it's candid personal stories, inspiring recipes, memorable travel stories or everyday advice.
Cover star
The cover of each magazine features a local cover star with a personal story included inside, giving readers an insight into their lives.
Coop news
Coop has a great opportunity to promote the changes and developments of the enterprise through its own customer magazine.
Local travel stories
Our focus counties will be the subjects of travel stories that showcase the most beautiful local places to visit and destinations to remember.
Home decor stories
Each issue of Hetk magazine also features a selected local home, giving readers a glimpse into people's homes they might not otherwise visit and see inspiring interior designs.
Discovering your surroundings
Hetk offers readers ways to spend quality time with their family, discover new places and spend time outdoors.
Inspiration boards
You'll always find seasonal inspiration boards in Hetk magazine, offering ideas and solutions for your next picnic or Christmas Eve, for example.
The recipe section is a favourite among Hetk readers. Whether you're looking for recipes for dessert or savoury dishes, you can always find them here. Along with the ingredients and directions, we also provide tips on how to prepare the food the best way. Additionally, discounted products for preparing the dishes can be found under the recipes.
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