Igapäevased küberohud

How well are we really protected against cyber threats?
How do you write about cyber awareness? Is it better to rely on an older study that is surely outdated, or to search for the latest advertised findings?

Huawei took the latter approach - we asked our online visitors to help us write the most relevant cybersecurity article by completing an interactive questionnaire published on an advertisement board.

We now have a solution that allows for articles to be created based on data that is real and fresh, as provided by Delfi's regular users.
The cybersecurity questionnaire on the advertisement board was completed in full by 830 people.

Of these, only 28 answered all questions incorrectly. Although a small number of those surveyed were in desperate need of immediate training in cyber security, nearly everyone had some knowledge of the subject.

The results were used to produce a comprehensive article, which reached 5600 readers. It provided concrete advice on how to keep your online behaviour safe and be aware of the risks.
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