Inspireeriv elu

A tribute to the wonderful people in our lives who inspire us!
Inspireeriv elu (Inspiring Lives) is Samsung's 2020 content marketing project. The series featured local figures known for their vibrant and adventurous personalities. As well as providing a burst of inspiration, the videos also showed how Samsung products contribute to living a better life.

As part of the project, a campaign-specific website was created for Samsung, featuring video stories with selected figures while organically introducing Samsung products and publishing content articles.

Hardy Suurpere, Kristi Pähklimägi, Rain Käärst, Tauri Vahesaar, Triinu Maasik and Lauri Pedaja shared their inspiring lives with the audience. Their hobbies ranged from fishing to slacklining. The project proved that inspiration can be found anywhere - all we had to do was showcase it to the audience.
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