Kala kõlab hästi

Thursday is fish day.
Kala kõlab hästi (Fish Sounds Good) is a video project aimed at promoting fish dishes. Hosted, of course, by the most popular fisherman of all - Kalev Kruus.

In each programme, we caught one fish in a different part of Estonia and cooked a delicious meal with a local chef (or just a fish enthusiast).

Thursdays, when we published videos on the Oma Maitse website, became fish days where we posted more seafood recipes than usual.
The videos were very popular with viewers. The four parts were watched by more than 60,000 people during a single month.

The campaign was also supported by social media posts by the Oma Maitse account.

What's more, the programmes are also available on the channel TV6, which of course widens the audience even further.
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