An activity magazine with puzzles and articles about forest life for the whole family.
Metsataibu is an activity magazine created in spring 2021 for the State Forest Management Centre. The aim was to create a magazine that readers would want to return to several times.

This is why Metsataibu features activities and puzzles for both children and adults. For example, the magazine featured a fun forest bingo game for children to enjoy a meaningful walk in the woods, as well as a forest-themed crossword puzzle for parents to test their knowledge and find out how well they remember what they read.

Thus, a magazine was born that could be handed down from family member to family member, encouraging readers to read and solve puzzles.
In addition to the puzzles, the magazine featured a forest bingo, inviting you to spend some time in the fresh air and take better notice of the greenery around you.

To distribute the magazine, it was inserted between the newspapers Eesti Ekspress, Eesti Päevaleht and Õhtuleht. Thus, it reached the homes of the subscribers of those publications.

A total of 75,000 copies were circulated. Given that the magazine offered content for the whole family, the readership of Metsataibu could be considered even larger.

To view the full edition of Metsataibu, click here.
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