Pafiks löödud

Sports predictions pit knowledge against tea-leaf readings.
The aim of the Pafiks löödud (Blown Away) project was to introduce football fans to the different betting opportunities offered by Paf during the UEFA Euro 2021 Cup. In the video series, coach Kristjan Vardja went head to head with armchair footballer Bert Järvet. They were mentored and helped on their journey by Saara Pius.

They competed against each other in eight different games, through which they were able to get to know different solutions offered by Paf in an entertaining manner. Paf helped boost the results of the bets by donating more than €500 to the charity of the participants' choice.

A campaign-specific Pafiks löödud website was created as part of the custom solution for Paf, which published a video series, articles and also a live broadcast in which Kristjan and Bert, who competed against each other, also tried their hand at direct betting.
A campaign-specific website
All of the campaign's videos, live broadcasts and articles were made accessible on the Pafiks löödud campaign website.
The videos were combined with short articles introducing the game and inviting readers to watch the video
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