Poisid proovivad

Poisid proovivad is a show in which hosts Mihkel and Taavet test out everything life can throw at you.
Poisid proovivad (Boy Tested) is a participative experiment that has grown into a long-term series of programmes for different employers.

Hosts Mihkel and Taavet take viewers on a tour of various jobs, effectively creating video ads for job openings.

The show certainly doesn't have to limit itself to jobs, as it introduces viewers to anything and everything in a humorous and accessible way.
Delfi's video series has made a name for itself among its readers and has found a stable viewership, reaching at least 5,000 viewers with each episode.

The series is a great opportunity for different companies to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what they do and to share the finished video across their own platforms.
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