Sisukas vaheaeg

There is no way Delfi's young readers will get bored over the school break.
What to do when even lying on the beach in the summer heat becomes dull? Boredom will certainly vanish in an instant if you look up the project Sisukas vaheaeg (Meaningful School Breaks).

Sisukas vaheaeg focused on youth-oriented content on topics such as safety, relationships, entrepreneurship, family, learning and money. Young people, youth professionals and even the Minister of Education shared their experiences and stories on these subjects.

As summer is not the time to scroll Delfi for hours, the materials created for the project Sisukas vaheaeg could also be found on social media and in the youth-oriented publication Noorte Ekspress, available here.
A campaign-specific website
Content such as articles, videos, a giveaway and other relevant links could all be found on the Sisukas vaheaeg project homepage
In order to create meaningful activities for the school break, we focused on articles aimed at young people covering topics such as relationships, money, security, health and more. Here is a link to the articles from the project.
Noorte Ekspress
A special youth-oriented issue of Ekspress, featuring a selection of the best articles and entertaining puzzles, was published at the end of the break. To read the full-length edition, click here.
Videos and podcasts
Alongside articles, videos and podcasts also provided content for young people. The publication allowed young people to share their experiences on important topics while professionals offered advice and suggestions.
Social media content management
We made the most of social media tools during the campaign. This involved producing social media content, engaging influencers, sharing content and running a giveaway.
As part of the Sisukas vaheaeg project, young people also had the opportunity to participate in a giveaway to win prizes related to the project.
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