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How do you present a car in a way that grabs attention?
To promote the Volkswagen Tiguan hybrids, a content marketing campaign was carried out in 2021 that included both web and print solutions.

Tanja Mihhailova and Helen Adamson were given a Tiguan to test as part of this project. Articles based on their experiences helped readers decide whether the Tiguan was a good choice for their next vehicle.

Following this, articles were published in several media outlets about the Tiguan's best features based on public figures' experiences. As part of the project, online articles were published in Delfi and Anne & Still. The articles were also published in the print publications of Eesti Ekspress, Kroonika and Anne & Stiil.
Public figures' personal stories published online
As an introduction to the car, readers could find Helen's experiences testing the Tiguan online. To read the full article, click here.
Public figures' personal stories published in print publication
In order to reach the readers of print publications, Tanja's and Helen's stories about testing the Tiguan were also published in the selected print publications of Ekspress Meedia.
Product-focused articles for the web
Persoonide kogemuslugude kõrvale pakkusid tehnilisemaid teadmisi artiklid, mille fookuses olid Tiguani silmapaistvamad ja märkimisväärsemad omadused.
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